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Baichuan Information and Soda Ash Fair Trade Workstation: (2024.4.7-4.11) Baking Soda Market Overview


Market Overview: This week (2024.4.7-2024.4.11), the overall market for baking soda is mainly in a stalemate. As of Thursday, the average market price of baking soda was 1,779 yuan/ton, which was the same as last week's average price. In terms of cost, the price of soda ash has remained stable recently, and the bottom cost supports stability in the short term. In terms of supply, seasonal shutdowns in Inner Mongolia have begun to resume production, other companies are operating normally, and there is a lot of accumulated inventory on site. In terms of demand, downstream companies have been slow to obtain goods, the overall market demand is sluggish, and there is a certain contradiction between supply and demand. Industrial grade and food grade prices are in a stalemate, and the overall trading atmosphere on the market is light and stable. Price consolidation is expected to be the main focus next week.

Market price (as of April 11)

The market price of industrial-grade baking soda: 1,700-2,150 yuan/ton for manufacturers in central China; 1,600-2,400 yuan/ton for manufacturers in east China.

The market price of food additive grade baking soda: the local market price in Henan is around 1,600 yuan/ton; the mainstream ex-factory price in the Lianghu region is 1,500-2,050 yuan/ton including tax; the early execution order price in the Tianjin market is around 2,100 yuan/ton; The current mainstream price of soda in the market is 1,600-2,400 yuan/ton. In addition, Qingdao Alkali Industry has a significant price difference between customized products and mainstream products, so the price is around 2,400 yuan/ton; the current price in the area adjacent to Qinghai in the west is 1,400-2,000 yuan/ton. The market price in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia and adjacent to the northeastern region is 2,000 yuan/ton; for users in South China, the price of goods from inside and outside the province is 2,000-2,400 yuan/ton.

Market price of feed-grade baking soda: The mainstream ex-factory price including tax is around 2,400-3,000 yuan/ton. The ex-factory price of pharmaceutical grade baking soda including tax ranges widely due to category differences, ranging from 3,000-10,000 yuan/ton. The annual industry output is about 20,000 tons. The expected demand growth is related to national conditions and policies. (Baichuan Yingfu)

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