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  • Food additives are substances that are added to food during processing or preparation to enhance certain characteristics or to preserve the food. They serve various functions, such as improving the taste, texture, appearance, or shelf life of the food product. Food additives can be natural or synthetic, and they undergo rigorous safety evaluations before being approved for use.


  • Calcium stearate is used to process plastic lubricants, food packaging, medical devices, pencil leads and spices.


  • Trimagnesium Phosphate is mainly used as the solvent and extractant of medicine and pesticide


  • Food additives are a class of important substances that improve food quality, extend food shelf life, improve processing conditions, enhance food nutrition, and improve food quality. They are an important part of the modern food industry. With the development of the food industry, the role of food additives is becoming more and more important. However, while bringing a variety of food types and great convenience to people's lives, there are also various problems in the use of food additives. In recent years, food safety incidents have occurred frequently, and the use of food additives has become the focus of social attention. Due to lack of basic knowledge of food additives, consumers have misunderstood food additives. This chapter mainly introduces the definition, function, relevant laws and regulations of food additives, etc., so that consumers can have a correct understanding of food additives.