Hazardous Chemicals

EPOCH MASTER®, Located in Nanjing China, is a professional China hazardous chemicals manufactures and China hazardous chemicals suppliers.
Hazardous chemicals refer to chemicals that are flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and corrosive, and will cause harm or damage to personnel, facilities and the environment.
It includes explosives, compressed gases, liquefied gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, spontaneous combustibles and combustibles when wet, oxidants and organic peroxides, drugs, corrosives, etc.
Such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid, compressed air, etc.

Although dangerous chemicals may cause certain damage to people or the environment if improperly handled, many dangerous chemicals are indispensable, such as sodium nitrate, which is used to make nitric acid, sodium nitrite, ingredients in glass, matches, enamel or ceramics industries, fertilizers, catalysts in sulfuric acid industries, etc; Sodium hydrosulfite is widely used in reductive dyeing, reductive cleaning, printing and decolorization of the textile industry, as well as in bleaching of silk, wool, nylon and other fabrics. Because it does not contain heavy metals, the bleached fabric is very bright and does not fade easily. In terms of various substances, it can also be used for food bleaching, such as gelatin, sugar, candied fruit, and the bleaching of soap, animal (vegetable) oil, bamboo ware, porcelain clay, etc. It can also be used in organic synthesis, such as the production of dyes and drugs as reducing agent or bleaching agent. Sodium hydrosulfite is the most suitable bleaching agent for wood pulp papermaking.

We guarantee to strictly implement the safety management of the production, storage, use, operation and transportation of hazardous chemicals.
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