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What effect does calcium stearate have?


What effect does calcium stearate have?

Calcium stearate is used to process plastic lubricants, food packaging, medical devices, pencil leads and spices.

Calcium stearate as PVC heat stabilizer and a variety of plastic processing lubricant, release agent. In hard products, the gelation rate can be improved by combining with basic lead salt and lead soap.

Also used for food packaging, medical equipment and other requirements of non-toxic soft film and equipment. It can also be used as halogen absorber for polyethylene and polypropylene to eliminate the adverse effect of residual catalyst on color and stability. As a plasticizer in rubber processing, it can soften natural rubber and all-formed rubber, but has almost no effect on vulcanization.

For polyolefin fiber and plastic lubricant, grease thickening agent, textile waterproof agent, paint smooth agent, plasticizer in the manufacture of plastic records, etc. As halogen absorbent in polyethylene and polypropylene; Lubricant and release agent for phenolic, amino and other thermosetting plastics; Thickening agent of grease; Waterproof fabric waterproofing agent; Paint smooth agent and pencil lead lubricant. Food grade calcium stearate is used as an anticoagulant. Calcium stearate is also used in the production of pencil lead and in the pharmaceutical and spice industries.

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