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What are the features and applications of Trimagnesium Photosphate?

Trimagnesium Phosphate is mainly used as the solvent and extractant of medicine and pesticide, as well as the reagent, solvent, extractant and gas chromatography stationary liquid for the determination of zirconium, and trimethyl phosphate is also used as the solvent and extractant of medicine and pesticide.

In Japan, it is used as an anti-colorant for textile finishes and polymers, and as a flame-retardant additive for lithium-ion batteries.

The most important indicators of the product: colorless transparent liquid, content ≥ 99.5%, moisture ≤ 0.2, acid value ≤ 0.02, chroma ≤ 20 2 Raw material of trimethyl phosphate: phosphorus oxychloride reacts with methanol in the presence of potassium carbonate to produce trimethyl phosphate.

There are several categories of dangerous goods: at present, trimethyl phosphate (TMP) is exported as a general product, not a dangerous product.

Trimethyl phosphate Cas No.: 512-56-1 5 Tax refund: At present, the tax refund of trimethyl phosphate (TMP) is 9% 6 Customs code HS: 29199000 7 Packing method of trimethyl phosphate: net weight 200KG/galvanized iron bucket (16 tons in a small cabinet), 1000KG/IB bucket (18 tons in a small cabinet) or 23 tons ISOTANK.
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