Sodium Silicate
  • Sodium SilicateSodium Silicate
  • Sodium SilicateSodium Silicate
  • Sodium SilicateSodium Silicate
  • Sodium SilicateSodium Silicate
  • Sodium SilicateSodium Silicate
  • Sodium SilicateSodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate

Epoch Master® is a large-scale Sodium Silicate is a professional leader and supplier in China. sodium silicate manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price most of the European and American markets. Any interest or inquiry ,please contact us via,we will be reply you within 1 working day.

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Product Description

Code : 2201005
Item : SS
Chemical Name : Sodium Silicate
Other Name : Agrosils
CAS No. : 1344-09-8
Molecular Weight : 122.06
Molecular Formula : Na2O3Si
EINECS : 215-687-4
H.S CODE : 2839191000

Epoch Master® Sodium Silicate Introduction

sodium silicate CAS No.1344-09-8,other name sodium aluminum silicate,

It is not only plays the role of Emulsifying and detergent solution and stabilizing foam, but also plays the role of rust inhibitor for equipment, especially for aluminum and copper made parts. sodium silicate powder, sodium silicate widely use to suspension agent, contact for the lowest quotation and free samples.

Product Description

Appearance: Solid (clear lumps with light blue color) or liquid (transparent liquid)

Physical and Chemical data:

Melting Point Refracture index Density
1089ºC 1.520 2.614g/m3

215-687-4 VW0400000

Solubility: mutually dissolvable with water

Main types:

1. By modules:

- Low modules (2.0~2.3)

- High modules (3.2~3.5)

2. By status:

- Liquid

- Solid (lumps)

3. By dissolving speed:

- Regular

- Instant dissolving (powder form)

Main indexes:

Index Low Modulus High Modulus
Modulus 2.0~2.3 3.0~3.4
Na2O content by wt % 31~33 22~24
SiO2 content by wt% 67~69 74~76
Na2O + SiO2 content by wt % 98 min 98.5 min
Fe2O3 content by wt % 0.05 max 0.12 max
Al2O3 content by wt% 0.5 max 0.10 max
Water insoluble by wt% 0.3 max 0.3 max
Appearance by visual Clear lumps with light blue color

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