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As a professional Food Grade Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate manufacturer and suppliers named Epoch Master from China, High quality Food Grade Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate is so popular and have a large market. Our products are not only provide price lists and quotations but also provide discounted services. Welcome to buy discount products from our factory.
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  • Product name: Epoch Master® Magnesium phosphate
    Aliases: magnesium mono-hydrogen phosphate; Magnesium diphosphate
    Other name: magneslumhydrogen phosphate
    Process: phosphoric acid and magnesium oxide (or magnesium hydroxide) neutralization reaction, separation of precipitate, by drying magnesium hydrogen phosphate. Depending on the crystallization temperature,3or7crystalline water magnesium hydrogen phosphate products can be obtained.
    Product properties:Colorless or white rhombic crystal or powder; Slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in dilute acid, insoluble in ethanol, relative density 2.013; When heated to 205℃, 1 molecule of crystalline water was removed. When heated to 550 ~ 650℃, it is decomposed into pyrophosphate.
    Product use:
    Used in medicine as a modifier and in the manufacture of drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Food industry for nutrition supplement, pH regulator, anti - coagulating agent, stabilizer. Used as plasticizer for packaging materials. Stabilizer of ammonium bicarbonate for fertilizer. Toothpaste additive, also used as feed additive and fertilizer.
    It is used as a chemical precipitator in urban and industrial sewage treatment to remove ammonia nitrogen, a high concentration of eutrophication pollution source in water.

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