Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride

Epoch Master® Magnesium chloride is divided by water content (magnesium chloride hexahydrate and anhydrous) by appearance (crystalline magnesium chloride represented by Qinghai China and magnesium flakes represented by Shandong China) Anhydrous magnesium chloride is generally a by-product of sponge titanium. Industrial magnesium chloride is used in chemistry, building materials, metallurgy, machinery, transportation, medicine and agriculture and other industries; Especially in magnesite products as the formation of magnesite cement products hardening body.

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Product Description

Code : 2202027
Item : MC
Chemical Name : Magnesium Chloride
CAS No. : 7786-30-3, 7791-18-6
Molecular Weight : 95.21g/mol;203.30g/mol
Molecular Formula : MgCl2; MgCl2·6H2O
EINECS : 232 -094 - 6
H.S CODE : 2827310000

Epoch Master® Magnesium chloride flakes is a chemical with the formula MGCL 2.6H2O and molecular weight of 203.31. Flake magnesium chloride is a white crystal, white flake, bitter taste. Pure product is colorless monoclinic crystal.Ancient minerals magnesium flakes is very rare.Epoch master have Magnesium chloride flakes and magnesium chloride liquid.We are looking for your consultation.

Use of magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride uses can be divided into three aspects: industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade.

Industrial applications

Used as road ice melting agent, ice fast, less corrosive to vehicles, less destructive to soil. In its liquid form, it can be used as an anti-freezing measure on roads. It is often sprayed on roads before winter rains to keep them from freezing. Therefore, it can prevent vehicles from skidding and ensure road safety.Magnesium chloride spray drying shape is a kind of paste, suspension, emulsion, solution and other liquid drying drying equipment.

Food grade applications

Magnesium chloride can be used as a bean curd coagulant, characterized by making tofu tender and elastic, and bean flavor is very strong.

In the process of food processing, it can also be used as curing agent, leavening agent, protein coagulant, water removal agent, helper, tissue improver and so on. Also acts as a nutrient fortifier;(used with magnesium sulfate, salt, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium sulfate, etc.); Wheat flour treating agent; Dough quality improver; Oxidizing agent; Fish can modification agent; Maltose treating agent.

Pharmaceutical grade applications

If inhaled

Magnesium chloride supplements is one of the most effective nutritional because it is rich in magnesium. It comes in pill and capsule form. Magnesium is essential for all body functions. It helps strengthen bones and teeth and prevents blood from clotting. Taking proper doses can prevent serious diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis and so on.

Magnesium flakes near me

Many by-products of magnesium chloride have problems, such as harmful substances. Especially the by-product of the pesticide factory. Some people may ask, why did I use a side birth, no problem? That's your good luck. Maybe these are hidden problems, but some of the finished boards, made into engineering, still have a strong smell. That's a lot of damage. And magnesium chloride for the refrigerant cycle.

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